Marine TV antennas have to be omnidirectional (able to receive from any direction) because a boat underway or swinging at anchor is constantly changing its bearing to the TV transmitter.

Because omnidirectional antennas receive signal from any direction, weaker reflected signals may show on the television as "ghosts".  Ghosting is likely to be noticed in marinas where there are many reflected signals due to the number of masts.  The presence of "ghosts" is confirmation the antenna is doing what it is designed to do - picking up signals from all directions.

Favourite anchorages in snug bays are often in the fringe coverage areas where the signal is weak and variable.  Pacific's amplified TV antennas will make the most of a weak TV signal.  No antenna can produce a picture where there is no TV signal.  In fringe TV coverage areas, shifting a few metres can make the difference between a good picture and no picture at all.

A top quality television is the smart choice for a boat.  Some televisions are less sensitive than others and may not give a clear picture outside the main coverage areas.

UHF TV antenna and installation kit.  At just 200mm,this is one of the smallest omnidirectional antennas available. The P8022 has outstanding performance on UHF and FM bands and inside VHF fringe areas.