138-174 MHz LongHaul Pro Series VHF Antennas

P1654 - 1/2w Stainless steel antenna - 138-146MHz

Half wave stainless steel antenna - 138-146MHz.

LongHaul Pro Series Antennas are built with rugged components to give superb electrical performance. Ease of installation is built into the design. LongHaul Pro antennas can be interchanged on the LongHaul Pro mount. Mount this antenna on the P1611, P1612, P1615 or P1505 mount.


Frequency VHF 150-156 MHz
Antenna Stainless Steel
Ferrule Nylon
Antenna Type Half Wave
Gain 3dBi
Typical VSWR at 153.5 MHz 1.2:1
DC Meter Reading Open Circuit
Height 1.0m